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Austin PPC Management

Exaalgia is a PPC Agency in Austin, Texas that specializes in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Management. We help create and build paid campaigns on Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords) that drive traffic, leads and revenue to small and large businesses that are looking to improve their bottom line.

Austin PPC Management Services

Exaalgia team can help businesses see a stronger ROI and faster results. Our team of Austin Influential PPC experts can help your business with the following:

From Paid Search to Paid Social-

We specialize in creating and managing both Paid Search and Social Ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. When an online campaign managed effectively, one of the core benefits to both types of ads is that they can be integrated into various stages in the marketing funnel and also help increase conversion rates, providing a higher conversion value and expedite the sales cycle of the business.

PPC Strategy & Implementation-

Our Austin PPC Management Team is experienced in working with clients to create & build effect Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategy that is aligned with your goals and ensures that it drive results.

Ad Copywriting-

In addition to creating an Effective PPC Strategy for your business, designing the right messages for users and visitors to click is crucial. Our PPC Experts are creative in writing ad copy to boost the overall effectiveness of a campaign.

Campaign Optimization-

We take your PPC Campaign one step further and find creative ways to optimize it. One way is to create a landing page on your site that visitors reach after clicking your PPC ads. Our Web developers design page in such a way that moves the visitor to buy.


After spending time & money on working with a PPC Management Company in Austin, you want to make sure that your efforts are paying off. This is why the Exaalgia team provides proof of ROI through detailed weekly or monthly reporting. Our experts create a detailed report that comprises pertinent data from the Google Ads platform, Google Analytics, and other tracking tools that are easy to understand by your clients.

Why Choose Austin PPC Experts?

PPC Advertising requires an experienced and seasoned hand. In fact, our Austin SEO Agency can create a cost-effective campaign for your brand marketing needs. From inbound and outbound links to social and mobile media integration, our PPC management experts are able to put your ideas into fruition and achieve all desired results. Here are some benefits of working with Austin PPC Advertising Company:

1. Local PPC specialists can launch your products/services ads quickly while bringing qualified leads and targeted traffic to your site.
2. They also monitor and track results, while ensuring strong return-on-investment on your PPC campaign or Google Ads campaigns.
3. Our PPC professionals can also utilize different strategies and tools with Google Ads. This enables them to target your business geo-specific or mass audiences with fresh, engaging and attractive online ads across the board.
4. SEO Experts utilize long-tail keywords, as well as captivating and compelling content to gain traffic to your products and services page.
5. Our PPC Experts also direct ad traffic to specific geographic locations, which is crucial for local and grassroots marketing campaigns.

With well-performing Google ads, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, it is equally important to ensure the quality of your landing pages. This includes homepage, along with blogs, eCommerce storefronts and more. With relevant, industry-specific & quality landing pages, you can avoid bounce rates due to incorrect URLs or irrelevant content. This also helps business owner Google position higher within their PPC ads network-resulting in cost-effective bids for advertisements.

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