Content is King- A Myth

February 28, 2018 by Satish Singh

Content Is King
Content is the first thing you think about when forming any kind of online site. The idea that proficient research and perfectly written content can sell your website is dying. Many writers attempt to follow the dream of blogging for a living, only to find out six months in that they only have one follower. This usually comes after a significant amount of hours have been spent on content creation. The idealization that “content is king” has been identified as a myth now that more research has been done on successful websites. There are a few key features of successful sites that seem to overpower the content, at times.



Content has no way of reaching the public if traffic is not brought to the website. SEO strategies are meant to build content that brings in the desired traffic. There is so much similar content on the web, however, that many content pieces end up with the same keywords. Pulling in traffic from content alone is a part of the myth. Networking with other blogs and forming a social media presence are more likely to increase the traffic to your site.



The goal of any website should be to secure email subscribers. If there are no regular followers, you are hoping for random hits to raise your viewer statistics. There has to be something worthwhile to attract and keep subscribers. Even a blog needs to have something to offer, other than content. People go online to look at merchandise, interact with other people, and find recommendations for services. A good website utilizes many subscriber attraction methods. These may include reviews of products and services, an interactive component, and videos. Merchandise sites have the added advantage of offering a product. There needs to be an attribute that offers something valuable to the guest.


Change in Trends

There may have been a time when carefully thought out essays brought sufficient viewers. The plethora of information, however, has made shorter scripts most desired. Trending information is often sought out on a daily basis. Most individuals only spend about five minutes reading about items they have searched up. A long piece of content may leave readers looking elsewhere for a more convenient option. SEO content in this situation is secondary to the length and trending subject matter.


Content is still the main part of websites, however, the attraction to a site is deeper than that. The public needs a reason to visit the site and return. It is time to start thinking more about what your site can offer than how the content is constructed. This does not mean that you should abandon your SEO practices. It takes a combination of tactics to reach your website goals. Good content, combined with a trending format and a good social media presence can be powerful.

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