37 Digital Marketing Tools and Guides to Kick Start Your Campaign

by teamexaalgia

Are you starting digital marketing or SEO campaign? or wanted to start a career? And looking for which tools to use for all the data and analytics of your website. 

Then you have certainly come to the right place. 

We have compiled a list of marketing and design tools and some of the best blogs to start off.

This list is an everyday list for every digital marketer whether a beginner, intermediate or expert everyone needs these tools.

Our list is divided into 8 sections- 

  1. Keyword Research tools
  2. Photos for work.
  3. Analytics tools.
  4. Paid marketing tools.
  5. Automation tools
  6. Design tools.
  7. Business organizer.
  8. Marketing blogs.

Refer Infographic Image:-

Digital Marketing Tools and Guides

Image: – List of 37 Digital Marketing Tools and Guides

Coming back to you –  

So here’s our curated and tested tools for marketing and design. 

Every tool is useful it is but one thing that separates every marketer is how to leverage these tools. 

Any tool is like using software, you have to get comfortable and learn every corner of it. But don’t let it stop using or trying new tools. There are more new and better tools are available in the market, it is up to an individual that how effectively you can use it for your marketing campaign. 

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