Would you like your brand website to show up at the top of Google for searches centered around the products or services you sell? Of course, you do, everyone does. But first, you need to understand few areas of Google’s search results to rank #1 for rich snippets, PPC campaigns at the top, organic listings at the bottom and local map listings in the middle. It means SEO agencies have four separate opportunities to rank your content on page one.
Exaalgia’s philosophy includes-
• Determining the keywords you want to compete for
• Optimize your website for focus keywords
• Developing an ongoing website content strategy
• Implement a blog strategy
• Sign up for Google authorship
• Go after quality link building
• Analyze, refine and repeat

There are so many reasons making it challenging to hire an SEO agency in the US include-
Lots of agencies available to choose from all over the globe.
The technical nature of SEO- for the average business owner, understanding SEO is like trying to understand how a team of surgeons performs a heart transplant.
The problem many SEOs have in explaining digital marketing essentials in language the average business owners can understand.
We recommend keeping your focus on an SEO’s ability to generate leads or online revenue through your efforts to hire an SEO company to get a lot easier. Ask these questions because selecting an SEO company-
• Does your SEO firm focus on lead generation?
• Does your team pitch focus on sales?
• Can the agency document results?
• How will you improve our SERP rankings?
• How will you keep me informed of the changes you make to our website?
• Do you always follow Google’s best practices?
• Which tools do you use for SEO or SEM?
• Do you have the ability to granularly track and validate sales leads and revenue?

When you add a business website to Google, you can immediately help you bring new customers and new streams of revenue. Once you have created an account for a Google My Business account, it should be easy to add a Google listing for your business or brand. However, verification can take a couple of weeks, since it often requires Google to send you a postcard via snail mail. If you have the physical address of your business, adding that to Google thereby making it searchable via Google Maps and GMB listing allows customers to find your workplace, to be able to connect with you and grow your business.