Keyword Mapping Best Practices for 2021

December 18, 2020 by teamexaalgia

Keyword Mapping Best Practices for 2021

by teamexaalgia

Content creators understand that SEO is the lifeline of every content created. Well, maybe not for all content created, but for content that is designed for public consumption. Most often than not, it is your only chance at attracting your targeted consumers, audience, and viewers to your online platforms.

It is however pertinent to understand that it is not enough to employ the use of SEO in improving your content. Using it right is where the magic lies. Using it right and staying on top of evolutions and new upgrades. You’ll agree that SEO is a constantly evolving practice, so Q1 2020 SEO best practices might not be relevant in getting your content to rank on first search result pages in Q4 2020.

There are different SEO practices needed to improve your website’s visibility and ranking on the internet, and keyword mapping is one of these. So get in here and stay abreast of Keyword mapping best practices for 2021 SEO.

With this list of keyword mapping best practices for 2021, you can plan your SEO strategy accordingly and get the desired results.

Keyword Mapping Best Practices for 2021

  • User-centered contents-  Invest in long-form articles or contents.

It is predicted that by 2021, readers will be more interested in detailed content. Pay attention to long-form articles that exhaustively tackle your topic of interest. Asides from being user-centered, another good news to this is that detailed contents absorb more keywords. So with long-form articles, you can rank your content for more keywords.

  • Build content hub

While it is advisable to create long-form content, do not lose sight of your audience’s attention span. While they may pay attention to exhaustive contents. They are usually just particular about contents that meet their immediate needs.

In situations like this, content hubs are able to mediate both needs. A content hub is the classification of details about a particular topic into different pages. This means that, for instance, an article about Toe blisters could be classified into 5 pages where you’ll have the pillar page that serves as the introductory page. It gives general information about toe blisters and introduces you to other pages. These other pages then discuss extensively each type of toe blister. That way, every visitor is led to pages of their concern and does not get bored off by contents they do not particularly need.

  • Group the keywords that proffer answers to the same inquiry

Once you run your keyword research, make a list of all the keywords that you’ll want your content to rank for. Then group the related keywords. Begin by duplicating your keyword spreadsheet and pair up similar keywords.

  • Optimize images and videos

Firstly, if you aren’t investing in video content already, you should already make plans to. The online video seems to be the way forward. According to Cisco, the consumption of video content will surpass other content forms. And uses will rely on images in making purchase decisions. Use keywords while optimizing your video and images


About 70-80% of users engage with pages that rank high organically. So it doesn’t pay to depend on paid ads; associate the pages of your content to the relevant keywords using the tips above and increase your chances in 2021.

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