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Exaalgia is an awarded and certified Shopify development company specializing in setup, design, development, and marketing. We deliver conversion-optimized Shopify SEO marketing solutions with intuitive UX.

Hire Shopify SEO Experts

Hire our Shopify SEO Experts

Our company Shopify SEO specialists have been working for nearly 8 years in the digital marketing industry helping online stores gain more leads through optimal SEO practices. If your Shopify store is lacking in the sales department, our SEO experts in the USA help generate orders. Our connection to Shopify vendors allows us to understand what important factors will likely influence visibility, what customizations should be made to optimize a Shopify e-commerce store for major search engines, and what matters the most for search engine top results.

As Shopify SEO experts, our years of experience can guide you on the right path to increase your e-commerce website to its full capacity. We help you unlock your store’s full potential.

Expert Shopify SEO Agency Services

We at Exaalgia have Shopify, technical SEO experts, to provide fully managed Shopify SEO solutions. We fulfill all your search-engine-optimization needs with the right resources, approaches, tools, and expertise.

Shopify SEO Expert
Comprehensive Project Analysis

To produce the best results like traffic, leads & conversions, our Shopify team makes sure they understand your project deeply.

Shopify SEO specialists
Competitor Research

We perform a deep analysis of your top competitors who are ranking in the top results to understand the results they achieve and how they earned top rankings and a high amount of traffic.

Shopify On Page SEO
On-page Implementation

Each of your Shopify website pages will be optimized to attract customers. We will perform full audit top optimize titles, headers, URLs and metadata to ensure customers can find you easily.

Shopify SEO Solutions
Product Reviews & Ratings

Our Shopify plus SEO team drives positive reviews and great ratings on your products and brand with the main objective of improving your online reputation and ranking in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Shopify Link Building
Powerful Link Building

Shopify SEO Company team put efforts to get quality links and online engagement from the most relevant and high authorized sites/channels.

Shopify SEO team

As we know SEO is an ongoing process we need to continually put efforts to win. At Exaalgia our approach to optimized websites and eCommerce sites changes as per algorithms and latest trends.

Want to Know How you Get More Customers on Shopify E-commerce Store?

Shopify SEO Company.

Boost Sales with Shopify SEO Company

If you open an online store and nobody is aware of it, did it ever rank on the first page? Using SEO services for your Shopify website just makes sense from a promotional standpoint. When a buyer looks for a specific product or service, the first thing they do is search for a keyword or phrase. We use popular SEO tools to ensure your website gets chosen, leading to organic sales.

Our Shopify SEO services increase sales by rerouting users to your store through organic search. Once your traffic starts to increase, the need for paid campaigns decreases.

Promote Website Security with Shopify Plus Marketing

Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing are very strict with website security, punishing websites without SSL. SSL establishes a secure and encrypted link between a Chrome/Mozilla browser and a web server. It’s good for Shopify owners to use SSL encryption, we as a Shopify specialist adds greater security to your e-commerce store by checking all destructibility for prompt monitoring & reporting.

Shopify SEO campaign
Shopify SEO Agency

Building Brand Image with Shopify SEO

It’s a challenging task for many Shopify SEO agencies to build a sustainable brand out of the client’s Shopify store. However, our SEO services make this possible and even much more achievable by optimizing your store’s all pages to make the most of search engine algorithms.

Professional Shopify SEO Firm

Why Choose Us as Your Professional Shopify SEO Firm

  • We are specialized in the eCommerce industry and deliver certified quality work.
  • 100% Client satisfaction is our company’s first motto.
  • We offer a full range of search-engine-marketing services, from technical web audit to off-page optimization to content marketing to PPC advertising.
  • We have a dedicated team of Shopify designers and SEO experts available for projects regardless of the size and type.
  • have a flexible Shopify SEO pricing option that enables you to hire Shopify SEO experts.
  • We provide weekly or monthly reports to clients so that you can know the performance of your SEO campaign we are running for yourself.

Ready to improve your Shopify ecommerce store’s online presence in search engines and social media?