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Our SEO Services for Texas Businesses

At Exaalgia, our focus is to optimize the SERP rankings of our clients. We are always ready to deploy our arsenal of local SEO experts to your service. With skills in digital advertising, search-engine optimization, analytics, and custom content creation, we always have the best tips for better rankings. Reach out to our Texas SEO consultants and change your ranking story!

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We’re not just good for the job, we’re best for the job. We pride ourselves as the Best SEO company in Texas on a valid basis. The best analysts of the market are the ones that stay right in it. Of course, we not only understand the market, we know how to wield its forces to achieve a particular result. Our office is situated at Gilbert Rd and Baseline, making us just a stone’s throw away from downtown Gilbert.

Another highlight of our excellence is that though we live in the center of the market, we are not limited by it. We still deploy our excellent skills to operate on an international scale. Our clients are scattered all over Canada, UK, Asia, and Australia. They all testify that we serve them just as well as our brand and reputation promise to do. Whether you’re in Texas or not, you can expect effective strategies and structures that will turn your digital marketing story for good. You need not be bothered that we’re in Texas, and you’re a bit far away. If anything, Our location is more to your advantage than it can ever be to your detriment. We are available to design a custom-made approach to strengthen your digital marketing and positioning. This is our craft, so let’s help you do the magic.

We understand the impact of teamwork, division of labor, and specialization. This is why we have a team that is not only large but also strong. Our team embodies a wide range of Texas SEO experts who will all come on board to work on your project. The import of this practice is that every area that makes up SEO will be handled by various team members who are experts in whatever phase or area of SEO they take on.

Think of it as a total makeover. Of course, the stylish defines the look that fits the model before anyone starts work. In our practice, the keyword experts act as the stylist. They give the plan for the SEO process and chart the course for every other part of the process. The link builder picks it up from there, designing strategies on optimizing the link for better Search engine rankings.

The experts on content are similar to those who make the clothes. They don’t change your body; they only make outfits that make your body alluring. The content experts also touch up your content to make sure that your content attracts your target audience. Mostly, the major instrument here is using the right keywords and observing SEO rules for content optimization. Beyond attracting customers, content experts give your content the capacity to hold their attention by keeping the content engaging. Of course, there are other aspects to the work, but the project manager holds it all together. Your project manager ensures that all hands are on deck and everyone is following the model designed by the keyword experts.

To assure you of our excellent services, we also have an expert who gives you situation reports and updates as often as they occur. At every stage of the process, we are open to modifications from you. The goal is to make sure that we come up with an end model that you’ll love.

All that we do is our way of making an impact on the community in Texas. We make a difference by supporting local startups that need assistance to start out. We also finance charities within Texas, all to secure the development of Texas.




Affordable SEO Solutions That Improve Your Website Ranking

Texas SEO company can help you grow your business through a variety of search-engine-optimization services. Our services are focused on building a strong foundation for your online business growth.

PPC Management

SEO is the most important long-term approach to success. However, if you want better long-term results, then PPC can be a better alternative for advertisers. Unfortunately, running a poorly optimized PPC campaign will often overspend. That’s where we’re needed. Our PPC team will do everything from bidding to writing ads for you. As an additional measure of security, we ensure that you’re always aware of your PPC budget.

Social Media Marketing

How are you doing on social media? Having a Facebook page with a decent number of followers is no longer sufficient. Texas has a team of social media experts who will harness the power of social media for your Texas-based business. We can manage your social media accounts and even create a strong Facebook Ads campaign – an excellent channel for engaging your target audience via social media.

Content Marketing

Content creation is one of the most effective ways to increase your brand’s trust and credibility. You’re seriously missing out if you’re not producing engaging blogs and website traffic. As your content marketing agency, we will create and manage content strategies for blogs, infographics, videos, social media, and more. We’ll develop a content marketing strategy that produces results while also telling your brand’s story.

Digital Marketing Services

One of Texas’s most active and current digital marketing agencies, regarded as a top choice for quality and trust. Texas is constantly contributing to the press and media, as well as educating its clients on new developments in the space. We are an expert in branding, content marketing, social media marketing, Local SEO Services, E-Commerce SEO, and PPC Management.

Local SEO Services

As a reputable local SEO company, we provide companies with online marketing services to help them leap to their target market. Working in a unique way to meet the specific needs of local businesses and organizations has given us several successes with our clients, among them several multi-location/national success stories

Link Building Services

The number one influencing factor for ranking on Google is having quality links from other websites. You can have the fastest and most beautiful website in the world, but if no one links to it, you will struggle to get search engine traffic.

Our link-building services assist in managing the entire process, with a focus on high-quality link building that has been fine-tuned over time.


Our SEO experts in Texas find it important to walk you through our SEO Campaign process before execution kicks off. This process is not only tested and trusted, but it can also be relied upon to produce the same results when repeated. There’s an assurance that once the process is applied, customers that are ready for business begin to turn in.

SEO Utah Process
SEO Utah Process
SEO Utah Process
SEO Utah Process






Utah SEO Agency
  1. Thoroughly scrutinize the client’s brand, website, and competitors, and make an appraisal.
  2. Rectify all issues affecting the online brand, sort out analytics data, and current CTR.
  3. Derive Keywords for search engine optimization.
  4. Outline key terms of the agreement, such as workforce, funds, time-frames, among others.
  5. Set goals for the intensity of conversion rate, online traffic, and leads.
  6. Draft a suitable work schedule for online marketing per month.


> Gather data of customer activity on a particular site.

> Use the gathered data to Optimize CTR.

>  Determine the right format, colors, and copy that attract customers to contact you. This detection is done using A/B testing.

>  Optimize conversion rate by Inserting a pop-up to your site.

>  Restructure the form by taking out all fields that are not relevant to meeting your targets.

>  Earn the trust of new visitors by posting testimonials and logos that attest to your credibility.

>  Draft a brief copy of your page that is aimed at your target audience.

>  Use short texts for call-to-action. Ensure that they are in apparent spaces and linked to a page where the visitors can contact the clients.

Utah SEO Agency


Utah SEO Expert

> Build a Massive online presence that stands you out in the industry and continually drives traffic and leads to the site.

> Put an SEO-friendly structure in place to help visitors navigate easily.

> Revamp website content, create sitemaps, improve meta tags and images and use the links to create interconnections.

> Improve the average load speed, robots.txt file, and other SEO metrics.

>  Check and share Google Analytics & Search Console tracking code.

>  Support SEO activities by drafting and executing a potent strategy for content marketing.


>  Provide a skilled project manager for liaison between the team and the client.

>  Reports and updates every month.

>  Periodic reports, evaluations, and reviews of Analytics and traffic.

>  Enhance online campaign direction.

>  Draw a productive plan.

>  Use standard methods to optimize online marketing campaigns.

Effective SEO Strategy


Why Texas SEO agency?

Our Texas SEO experts have a wealth of digital marketing experience, over 10+years of building, optimizing, and ranking websites. We use 100% white hat SEO tactics that match Google-approved tactics. Our Texas SEO firm has helped dozens of Texas businesses improve organic rankings. This expertise helped our internet marketing company build a framework that we can apply to your website to get you more organic traffic from the search engines.

How much growth can you expect from Texas SEO services?

SEO is an on-going process and works great for many small, medium, and large-sized businesses, including eCommerce stores. A dedicated Texas SEO agency on average can boost your search engine traffic by 20-100%. At Exaalgia we should be able to perform the keyword analysis, technical on-page audit, content audit, SEO tool selection, link audit, website monitoring, and SEO reporting efficiently.

What’s the cost of SEO campaigns?

Texas SEO services expert at Exaalgia delivers meaningful results to your online business in terms of traffic, conversions, and sales. Our SEO packages for Texas businesses are uniquely tailored to meet your business objectives, depending on how quickly you’re looking to improve your rankings and presence.

What is SEO reporting?

Our Texas based digital marketers are committed to making a measurable difference through SEO reporting that is clear, concise & transparent for the clients as well as with other team members. Our enterprise-level SEO company reporting is top-notch, no doubt.

What is keyword research?

Our Texas SEO team will brainstorm thousands of keywords based on search volume, competition, and other different variables in order to determine how these different keywords are valuable for your website pages or eCommerce store. Top SEO experts in Texas; pull a number of metrics to determine a keyword’s potential value.



We find pride in the reputation we have built over the years. While we have been reputed to be the” best digital marketing company in Texas, we have also been awarded on several occasions as a top Texas SEO agency. Behind our brand is a massive team of zealous juggernauts who consistently put their all into achieving excellent results for the firm.

Exaalgia, as a team of digital marketers and web developers, has consistently broken records since its inception in 2009. We have served hundreds of clients and undertaken several projects over the years. Having added experience to skill, we have what it takes to not only satisfy our clients but also give them a memorable experience being the best SEO company in Texas.

As an entrepreneur who has big dreams for the business, Exaalgia is just the genie that makes your dreams come through! With our team as the vehicle and relevant information as the fuel, we are ready to hold your hands and help you journey through to your desired goals.




Becoming a big online brand is no child’s play. It takes good strategies that consistently produce commendable results. Consistently achieving such results requires an A team that brings its A-game to the table. Say no more because we are that Texas-based digital growth company that has an A-team and is ever on its A-game.

  • Unique Blend of Skills
  • Proven SEO Process
  • Clear Reporting


At Exaalgia, our definition of excellence is the ability to improve on your best. When it comes to website optimization, according to Google algorithms, we are convinced that no record is unbreakable, neither is any standard unbeatable. The biggest problem that entrepreneurs face is that they can not identify the issue, let alone sorting it out. We are not the 50% kind of company that effortlessly points out problems. We are the 100% that profers workable solutions.

We readily perform a thorough audit of your e-commerce page or website. Mind you; this audit service is free of charge. We further diagnose your site and pinpoint the issues that stand between you and your dream ranking. We then give you a blueprint that organically catapults your site into massive traffic, leads, and conversion.

We beat our chests that we are the Texas agency you need. Reach out to our Texas SEO experts and begin your journey to your digital marketing dreams!

Utah SEO Agency

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