Exploring the Advantages of Pinterest New Business Accounts

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The social network Pinterest recently launched a business account to track business goals. It provides options to make multiple boards, track Pins impressions, engagement, number of clicks on external links, and more.

The pin’s goal is to increase traffic to your company’s website and improve sales.

Here may be a examine the advantages of Pinterest’s new business accounts:

Verified Company Pages

Now your business will have a can have verified Pinterest page, where you can have a red or blue checkmark, very like Twitter’s verified accounts, this helps businesses to show brand authenticity.

You can also enable Pinterest’s sharing and follow buttons to your website to assist users to connect together with your business and Pinterest platform.

Content-Rich Boards

The backbone of Pinterest is its boards. With a business account, you’ll be able to make different boards showcasing your work.

For instance, you can make broad where you can share all your products or services, you can create another board with new offers or discounts or new features.

Possibilities for Contests and Engagement

One of the simplest functions of social media is its ability to permit firms to directly act with fans. By increasing fan engagement together with your complete, you’ll be able to build a loyal fan base that will have value you exponentially extra money to woo with ancient promoting.

Pinterest’s business pages enable firms to carry contests (wherein users submit their favorite board or re-pin a product to enter) and to re-pin fan’s content to spotlight best practices.

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