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Exaalgia's Guest Blogging Guidelines

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Write for us and be a part of Exaalgia's blogging community.

Are you a content creator, marketer, blogger, or webmaster?

Then we are providing you with an opportunity to share your expertise. You can share tips and tricks, trending topics, marketing insights that people like to talk about and get informed.

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What are we Looking for?

  1. We like relevant and well-researched content with a preferred word count of 1500+ words.
  2. Content should be 100% original. And once the content is published on our website you can republish elsewhere, but with a note that it was originally published in “Exaalgia.com” with a link back to the original content.
  3. Add relevant links, examples, and resources to back your topic. But be steer clear to cite our competitors.
  4. Add images. Use useful and informative images in your content. It is visually bright up content and easily understandable for readers.

Formatting of Your Content

  1. Use heading, subheadings, checklist, bullet points, examples where required. Just don’t write an essay. 
  2. Use short paragraphs. Use 300 characters paragraphs which are about 55-65 words.
  3. Check for spelling and grammar errors. 

Topic You Can Write

Preferred Type of Contents

  1. List Article.
  2. Numbered Articles.
  3. How-to Articles.

Want to get published on Exaalgia Blog? Send us your content at info@exaalgia.com, paul@yourdesignguys.com

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