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Shopify lets you have complete control over the look and feel of your website, and our experts will build you a custom Shopify theme that converts visitors into buyers.

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Exaalgia Ranked #1 Shopify Development Company for E-Commerce Store Development

Exaalgia is a Shopify Development Company providing efficient and professional Shopify website design and development services over the globe. Being skilled in Shopify Development, we offer exceptionally customized Shopify eCommerce Stores for businesses of various sizes. We engage the best coding practices to deliver solid and versatile driven Shopify Development Services.

Our Team of Shopify expert developers provides an exclusive range of custom Shopify development services. With the help of the best Shopify Developers in the USA and a vast client base, we are competent at building attractive, elegant, and successful eCommerce stores with Shopify. We cater to all your Shopify Development requirements ranging from Custom Shopify Development to Shopify Theme Development and have established several Shopify eCommerce stores to help clients to create a successful online business.

At our Shopify Development Company, we offer a wide range of services which include Shopify Theme Development, Shopify Store Development, Custom Plugin or extension development, Shopify App Development, SEO and Marketing, Custom Plugin or extension development, etc. We also provide migration to any Shopify store from any existing eCommerce Platform.

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Best Shopify Experts Based in the USA With a Passion For Design

We are a team of passionate and dedicated Shopify experts in Phoenix, USA. We want your success and that is the reason we put in a lot of work into putting together a team that shares your vision and builds a Shopify website that can convert both great sales and maximum user experience. Our Shopify development services have helped so many small businesses get ahead of the online crowd and become credible authorities in their different niches.

We ensure our Shopify developers get adequate training to guarantee that they deliver excellent easy to navigate eCommerce websites.

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How Our Shopify Agency in the USA Can Help?

Our USA Shopify experts will ensure that your Shopify site does not encounter difficulty making sales. Let our Shopify development team help you build a site that provides maximum user experience in every device, stands out, and extremely attracts your customers.

Contact us today for more information on how we can upgrade your Shopify store to the next level.

What Qualifies Us as The

Best Shopify Design & Development Company in the USA?

We never do shabby jobs. Our Shopify development services are designed in such a way that they offer full packages. Exaalgia’s Shopify developers will work to develop your website from scratch and never quit working with you until it’s established.

We delight in seeing your online business succeed. That is why we never perform unsatisfactory service. We will accept full responsibility for Shopify development needs and work closely with you to bring your eCommerce dreams to actualization.

Before they begin the creation of your website, our USA Shopify experts will have a meeting with you and fully comprehend every aspect of your business before coming up with a campaign on how to move forward. They will strictly follow your business plan so that each of your business goals is included in the design process.


Apart from great Shopify website development services, to guarantee the success of your Shopify business you need Shopify marketing to introduce your product or service to the relevant customer base. Though the Shopify store itself gives a lot of tips on how to advertise your products, you still need to get expert Shopify SEO services to enjoy limitless profitability. You can work with our professional Shopify marketing team who will walk you through the process of building a successful online business without going out of your resources.


A factor that should always be considered when creating a Shopify SEO strategy is user experience. Google repels websites that provide terrible user experience and often ranks them lower than the others. One way to guarantee maximum user experience and engagement Is by spending on a good Shopify theme, which is attractive and simple to use. Our Shopify experts will assist you to decide on a theme that fulfills your business needs and offers the best user experience while ensuring you’re unique and get ahead of the competition.


Your Shopify eCommerce website has to be responsive on different devices such as tablets and most importantly, mobile devices as it appears on your computer. This is because Google is now prioritizing website responsiveness.

Mobile fast indexing is shifting the direction of SEO and online businesses have to rapidly catch up by building responsive websites that provide absolute user-friendliness on mobile devices. We endeavor to build websites that provide optimal performances on all digital devices.


Your business is different and that should be indicated on your website. Our Shopify website design and development team will assist you to build a custom-made site for a business that stands out from your competitors. We’ll develop a Shopify website that gives your brand a distinct and memorable impression. Don’t go with the crowd, allow our expert Shopify Developers in the USA to make your site remarkable.


The themes existing at Shopify might not meet your needs, they may not have some features which you require or may not be as comprehensive as you want. If this is the case, you can contact us at Exaalgia. Our Shopify experts will create custom themes that entail all of your business needs. We will add features that do not come with the existing templates and add attractive layouts.


We have a proficient team of Shopify experts and designers who have worked with numerous brands and gained valuable experience and knowledge. At Exaalgia, our Shopify SEO experts have helped multiple businesses rank highly on SERPs and acquired lots of leads and sales.
If you’re still facing challenges as regards your site, allow our Shopify Experts in the USA to help you develop a more concrete and profitable online business.

Expert Shopify Developers in the USA

All our Shopify website developers go through thorough training to make sure they are in a position to solely need our client’s needs. Our Shopify developers are committed to knowing the goals of your business as they are in the design process.

We provide personalized website creation aimed at improving your business ambitions. We are located in Phoenix, AZ however we accept clients globally. Shopify Website design and development services are accessible in various countries. We can also work on your existing website to increase traffic and revenue. We have a professional set of Shopify Experts who helps with all these tasks. Our Shopify Experts in the USA are guaranteed to fulfill your website development requirements. Apart from the development, we offer Shopify SEO services as mentioned earlier that will assist your Shopify website to rank top.

Contact us for a free quote and discover how our Shopify development company in Phoenix can enhance your business website.

Shopify SEO Experts
Shopify SEO Company

We, at Exaalgia, are known to be the leading Shopify Development Company offering professional and efficient Shopify website design and development services over different countries. As we excel in Shopify Development, we provide extraordinarily customized Shopify eCommerce Stores for our clients of various sizes. Also, we engage in perfect coding practices so we can deliver strong and adaptable Shopify Development Services.

Furthermore, as we lead the market, we provide a wide variety of services which also consist of Custom Plugin or extension development, Shopify Store Development, Custom Plugin or extension development, SEO and Marketing, and many more.

What Sets Our Shopify Developers & Designers Apart from Others?

All our Shopify website developers go through thorough training to make sure they are in a position to solely need our client’s needs. Our Shopify developers are committed to knowing the goals of your business as they are in the design process.

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Data-driven Digital Marketing Services

Exaalgia understands the importance of research and data for business growth. We help design and deliver the right message at the right time using our result-oriented digital marketing services.We use SWOT analysis to identify your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with a goal to create up-to-date metrics and provide actionable insights.
Our data-driven approach will help segment your target audience, know your customers and personalize a more consistent messaging through a highly-targeted campaign.

Multichannel Marketing

Our multi-channel marketing services are a blend of various promotional and distribution channels. From retail storefront to website, mail ordering catalog, to email marketing, we can use multiple channels to broaden your outreach to the target audience. Our expertise in leveraging multiple channels ranging from social media to print, mobile and TV ads allows your brand to interact with your customers through various touchpoints. At Exaalgia, with custom options for small and large businesses alike we promise a comprehensive multi-channel digital marketing campaign.

Brand Development

We help you discover your brand's mission, value, proposition, and target audience. Exaalgia offers comprehensive brand development services for your business to uncover its full potential for growth via visual branding and setting the tone of your messaging.
We use best practices in the digital marketing service that will allow you to know your customer, boost customers’ loyalty, and achieve higher advertisement effectiveness. From higher applicant quality to employees' motivation, the benefits of our brand development services are endless.

UI/UX Development Services

Our UI/UX development services and front-end web development team are experts in applying visual and interactive design principles to your web application and websites. The goal is to create a cohesive and positive user experience.We use everything from HTML to CSS and various design tools to create a responsive design.We offer client-focused UI/UX development services creating an interactive user experience that will deliver tangible benefits. At Exaalgia, we help brands navigate all facets of the digital landscape.

Industry Experts

Exaalgia is a team of well-versed digital marketing professionals with specialized experience of more than 10+ years in the industry. We take pride in staying up-to-date on the latest innovations and trends and use the industry's best practices to develop result-oriented digital marketing strategies.
All our campaigns for your brand will ensure that any content we produce for you meets the search engine guidelines. From support for Shopify SEO to integration into any other marketplace, we can help you.

Competitive Pricing

Exaalgia is an internet marketing agency offering customer-centric digital marketing services. Our services are fully customizable as per your demand, no matter the size of your business and the industry you belong to. We create an internet marketing strategy based on your objectives, online needs, and budget.Our goal is to help your brand acquire the attention of the online audience without breaking the bank account. Our white label services offer huge ROI through engaging best SEO practices.

Shopify Development FAQs

When building your own online store to sell products, it can feel like you’re drowning in to-do lists. You attempt to be a content manager, marketers, accountant and CEO. Wearing so many hats can be downright exhausting, and acting as a one-man army may feel like the only option, your startup will not be able to thrive unless you add passionate people to your site. That’s where you need to hire a Shopify Expert who understands your company’s needs and will take some of the burdens off of your shoulders.

Shopify experts are trusted and motivated community members that help small and big companies to grow. Our Shopify expert services are high-quality and are developed to help businesses thrive. We empower prosperity through exclusive partner resources and learning opportunities.

Store Management - Shopify offers great features to manage customer accounts and their profiles. It is easy to integrate dropshipping apps in Shopify. However, you can categorize customers based on their location, purchasing history, refund their order amount, order fulfillment and contacting the customer, etc.

Product Management - It has strong management of products through a user-friendly dashboard, inventory management, product variations, and organization is easy to handle. Easily import and export products and sell unlimited products with multiple images.
Analytics - Shopify has an easy-to-use dashboard that shows the traffic, sales, and order details. You can generate the product report, referral report, and Google Analytics report.

Shopping Cart- 100 payment gateways are available in Shopify. Shopify CMS calculates the taxes and shipping rates automatically. Best Shopify Developers can also set up the shipping rates tiered price, location-based price, and weight-based price, etc. However, it accepts all types of debit/credit cards and supports multiple languages.

Yes, we have a practice of creating Shopify websites that are fully accessible and indexable by search engines. SEO-friendly websites usually get more traffic than websites that ignore search engines like Google. We understand that you want to put your users first, and to get the most out of your Shopify store we design and develop your site with users and search engines in mind.

We have Ecommerce SEO experts in the USA which makes your content fully indexable on your site. Also, if you wish your targeted users found you on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo, we help you in increasing your brand credibility because users are more likely to trust websites that are in the top ten results.

If you have done Shopify development before or have some knowledge and experience with setting up websites you can do it in less time a day and that will produce sales.

If you are a complete newbie to building websites on Shopify or anywhere else then you may require a couple of days to get it done to the same standard. However, Shopify is the easiest platform for the newbie also. It is an easy-to-use platform, accessible to any seller without requiring programming skills. If you have gathered some design materials for your branding, photos, and product descriptions for the pages, then you can build a store on Shopify within a few days.

In case you need any expert help, hire our Shopify Developer in the USA!

Yes, we do offer customization to your Shopify store. If you want to launch a new Shopify store with an amazing look and feel, hire our top Shopify designers who bring exceptional proficiency and knowledge in custom Shopify theme design to help you get high conversions and ROI into your business. From making minor tweaks to an existing Shopify theme to custom Shopify theme development from scratch or a revamp, our skilled Shopify professionals have you covered. Along with working on the appearance of your eCommerce store, our shopify experts focus on customizing it to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Look no further for professional Shopify store theme design and customization, just share your vision and let’s get started.

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