Facebook Launches Content – Specific News Feeds, Bigger Photos and Ads

by Satish Singh

Social Media Optimization USA


At a big press event, Facebook decides to begin fresh and new ways to filter the news feed. These include a Photos feed of Facebook and Instagram photos, in addition to a restored Music feed of what friends are listening to, concerts, and fresh albums, according to multiple sources both within and close to Facebook. Larger images and image-based ads in the web and mobile feeds are approaching too.  The question arises why is Facebook adding new and fresh streams? Since we are information junkies, give us a feed and we’ll read it. Although once we scroll so far we hit re-runs – we hit the road. Therefore, Facebook has a plan to give us something diverse to look at starting. If the “new look” for the news feed that it’s promotion works, it could get us spending more hours on Facebook and seeing more — and more intense — ads.


Facebook has ignored the news feed, which has function mostly the same since it launched on the web in 2006 and on iPhone in 2009. A column of friends’ faces on the left, their status updates to the right, and an entire lot of white space. Content-specific feeds have been hard to access, and the “Top News” or “Most Recent” sorting options mostly re-shuffle content rather than surfacing different stories. Speaking on the condition of ambiguity, a Facebook employee, a member of the social ads industry, and numerous developers agreed that multiple feeds and larger images in posts by users, Pages, and ads are what are in store for Thursday.

As for what’s not confirmed for this week is the employee-only test create of a radically redesigned mobile feed in a native iOS app that I observed some months ago. One source said that they didn’t think this major mobile redesign is ready yet, contrary to my initial speculation when the launch event was announced. If it does launch this week, it could be a standalone app like Camera, or an option in the primary apps.


Before I get to the details about what my sources say is launching, let’s look at some supporting evidence and reasons why these are the right moves for Facebook. If you want the abbreviated version, skip to “So What’s Launching?”

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