Google to Shut Down Websites Created with Google Business Profile Tool


Google Business Profile Tool

In the latest news from Google,

Google has announced the shutdown of all websites created using the Google Business Profiles tool. Many marketers support the move, as it helps remove more spam and websites with lower content ranking.

Google wrote:

Starting from March 1, 2024, customers will be redirected to your Business Profiles when they visit these websites.

In the past you’ve used a Google feature to make simple websites from the information on your Business Profiles.

This feature is going away in the coming months and will no longer be supported, meaning the sites you created with this tool will be removed. To help with the transition, starting March 1, 2024, customers will be redirected to your Business Profiles.

On your profiles you can showcase similar information about your business, and also add social media links so customers can learn more. Your websites will redirect customers until June 10, 2024, after which they will show as unavailable.

All websites created through Google Business Profiles will cease to function, redirecting all live website links to their corresponding Google Business Profile Pages. This transition will result in all existing websites being treated as “Dead/404 pages.”

Introduced in 2017, initially, the website builder feature was designed to encourage small businesses to venture into the online world and get an idea of how the online world works and how it can help them generate more business.

 For many, it served as a valuable tool to attract a broader audience and connect with potential customers through the Internet. The simplicity and accessibility of the website builder facilitated the entry of businesses into online marketing, allowing them to easily create engaging websites.

This unexpected move by Google raises questions about the future of those relying heavily on this service. However, the announcement also serves as a reminder of the transformative nature of the online world and how it can impact your overall business plans & strategies.

For users seeking answers, a help document has been provided by Google that summarizes the following suggestions:

  • All owners who have website domains that end with will be removed from the website tab in your GMB profile. A new website addition to replace the present website will be a recommendation in order.
  • Rest assured, for now, There will be no effect on your Business Profile. If your customers visit your old website built using the Google business profile they will be redirected to your GMB profile.
  • If you do not have used this feature at all, no need to worry there will be no effect on your Google business profile.

Marketers are gearing up to educate their clients about this sudden development and guide them on the appropriate measures to adapt to the changes. As the online landscape continues to evolve, businesses are urged to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly to maintain a robust online presence.

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