SEO Image Optimization – Why it is important?

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SEO image optimization is another important optimization technique in Search Engine Optimization.

But what is image optimization? And how it is done?

“Image optimization is a process where you tell search engine crawlers what the image is about.”

Search crawlers or bots cannot read images as humans can, so it reads the filename of the image file. Additionally, it also reads “Alt text” of the image that helps search engines to understand the image.

An image can be used as a background for image styling purposes. Also, images can be used in webpage content or blogs, which helps to develop a blog.

It is okay if you don’t optimize the image if it’s in the background because it is used for styling purposes only.

But it is important to optimize if you are using these images in a gallery or blog post because it helps search crawlers to understand the intent of the image and if it’s relevant to the content.  

Here are the few basic SEO image optimization techniques you can do for your website – 

  1. Find the right images, i.e relevant images.
  2. The correct size of the images.
  3. The correct ratio of the images.
  4. Using “Alt Text”
  5. Correct image file name.
  6. Using the right format such as JPEG, PNG, WebP, etc. (all these have different purposes, read here).

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