5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Coming Up on Google

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Do you feel like you’ve done everything right, yet your company’s website is still nowhere to be seen in Google’s search results?

Well, there are several things that prevent you from showing at the top of Google.

And some of these issues are easy to fix.

We have pointed out the top 5 reasons that could be an issue –

1. Your Website is New

It takes time to get indexed new websites and pages on Google.

So, if you only launched your website then you must give time to index.

You can check, indexing by using the following two methods –

  • Manually: In the Google search bar type – “site:yourwebsite.com”
  • Use search console – You can use the Google search console by Inspect URL.

Tips to improve –

  • Update or create your XML site map.
  • Create or update Robots.txt file
  • Write content and update web pages.

2. You’re Blocking SERPs from Indexing Your Pages

Check the index tag.

Index tag tells crawlers if the website needs to be in the search engine or not.

Status –

  • If “Index” means the webpage is added to the search engine index.
  • If “No-index” means the webpage is not yet added to the search engine index list.

To check the index, view the source code of the webpage. Search for robots, there you can check the webpage status.

3. You’re blocking search engines from crawling your pages

All websites have a robots.txt file that instructs search engines that what action should crawlers take.

Make sure that your website is crawlable to bots.

You can also manually check via yourdomain.robots.txt.

4. You don’t have enough high-quality backlinks

If nothing stops Google from finding your website, you still need to prove to them that it deserves to rank.

To see the number of backlinks linking to your pages, paste your URL into a free backlink checker tool and get ‘’do-follow’’ and ‘’no-follow’’ links.

The more you have backlinks from high DA PA websites the more chances you get to be visible on search results.

Read this blog – 6 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks: SEO Experts Guide

5. Your page is lacking ‘’authority’’

Google’s ranking algorithm is based on PageRank, which essentially counts the total number of quality backlinks and internal links as votes.

To check the URL rating of web pages, you can use tools like Ahref, SEMrush, etc. tool.

If top-ranking pages have a much higher score than your pages, it might be possible you have a lack of ‘’link authority’’.

To boost the authority of the web page build more backlinks and add more internal links.

Final thoughts

There are several factors that affect ranking. But these are some basic fixing that you should do. In order to website up and running.

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