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SEO Trends 2022

Search Engine Optimization is a significant tool for the marketing industry. However, Google’s search engine algorithm is rapidly changing. And SEO community has to stay updated to new SEO trends.

Whenever Google launches an update for its algorithm, marketing teams across the world monitor for any change and if required they change their SEO strategy. If your goal is to rank your business in the top searches, you must do the same.

Needless to say, it is essential to follow the current SEO trends and keep things (ranking) under control.

Since the number of web and mobile applications is tremendously growing, the SEO industry has become more competitive. With more businesses investing in the SEO market, keeping your website on the top search results has become a challenge.

According to Statista, the Google search engine is the leading search engine in the world. As of December 2021, the market share of Google, as compared to other search engines, had reached 86.19 percent.

If you want to maintain your rank among top searches on Google, you have to follow the latest search trends. In this post, you will find future SEO trends to rank higher and maintain your rankings.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

Competitor Keyword Analysis should definitely top the list of top SEO trends. Most businesses cannot anticipate their actual competitors because they never conducted a Competitor Keyword Analysis. You can find the top four to five competitors’ keyword rankings by performing a comprehensive Competitor Keyword Analysis.

It is a good idea to check how your website is coming along against competitors. As a result, you can create a successful SEO strategy and scale your business. While conducting Competitor Keyword Analysis, you should consider:

  • Website’s ranking history
  • Comparison of Domain Authority between competitors and your website
  • Keyword strategy and competitor’s rankings

It is important to prioritize one of these future SEO trends to rank your website above competitors. Competitor evaluation helps to understand what strategies competitors follow. And that’s the secret to scaling your SEO marketing strategy.

Artificial Intelligence Content Writing

Artificial Intelligence is heating up in the SEO industry. This year AI SEO Tools will be one of the top future SEO trends. But how AI can improve ranking on search engines? That was the major question last year that made SEO marketers scratch their heads. That said, things are getting clearer and it is obvious that AI tools will help writers with copywriting.

This doesn’t mean that AI will completely write blogs and web content. Google search engine won’t rank AI-written content. Instead, humans will write the entire content and AI SEO tools will edit it according to the Google algorithm.

Many AI content writing tools are available on the internet, but the content lacks a human touch. Although tools, where AI refine the content, are comparatively better. But, these tools also require more updates and advancements.

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First-Party Data Collection

For the last few years, Google is focusing on third-party cookies. These cookies are effective for customers as they receive high personal data privacy. But, marketers face many challenges due to third-party cookies. As a result, the third-party cookie trend is coming to an end.

First-party data collection includes a wide range of benefits, especially to improve user experience. It offers business accurate data and allows them to increase websites’ user-friendliness. With first-party data collection, businesses can collect contact information of the target audience and create successful marketing campaigns.

User Intent

While talking about SEO trends, it is important to discuss user intent. The user intent helps marketing teams to understand the users’ intention and goal to use the internet. When they know what your audience is looking for, they can increase organic traffic, build trust, and boost sales.

Soon, Google will enhance the search for intuitive and Ai-driven results. That said, this might not happen in 2022, but it is one of the major future SEO trends that you should get ready for.

User Experience

Expended user experience is not a trend that will be replaced over time. To understand the concept, you should know how Google ranks websites.

The first thing that Google notices on the website is the number of errors, navigation structure, and aesthetics. Google’s algorithm ensures that users receive relevant content on the search engine. Therefore, it ranks sites based on user experience. Next, Google tracks the time each user spends on the website after landing on the page.

When Google finds a website that fails to provide answers to the users, it marks that site as spammy or irrelevant. So, if you want to rank among the top businesses in your niche, you have to follow the new guidelines shared by Google.

Omnichannel Digital Campaigns

Digital marketers easily compartmentalize different sections of their overall strategy, where every section includes its own messages, branding, and goals. But, the problem with this strategy is that consumers are spread across different social media channels.

For instance, if an average user uses Instagram or Facebook, they might not be active on other platforms such as Tik Tok and Snapchat. Therefore, they will use Google to find solutions for their problems. If you aren’t using an omnichannel digital strategy, these users will overlook your page on Google search. When they won’t find you on social media channels that they don’t use, they will ignore your site.

Therefore, businesses need to plan streamlined and cohesive marketing campaigns on different channels. This way they won’t lose potential customers.

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Interactive Experience

The interactive experience is an addition to the list of SEO trends for 2022. This type of content includes videos, guides, and quizzes. These tools are effective to boost user experience and grab visitors’ attention. The reason why these tools are getting popular is that it offers high-quality information to users.

Another notable benefit of this strategy is that it offers content to the users that is easier to navigate and more memorable. Interactive experience promotes the brand and gives a competitive edge. But, the business might find it hard to convert the entire content on their web page. Instead, they need to evaluate their site and come up with ideas to make the website more attractive.


Mobile-friendliness is Google’s ranking factor since 2015. But, today it is more important to optimize your content for smartphones. In 2019, Google revised its mobile-first indexing to facilitate businesses and rank content.

Furthermore, Google offers a wide range of tools that you can use to test your mobile site. These tools allow fixing mobile usability and improving SEO ranking. Since more people use a mobile phone to search for content, businesses should make their websites user-friendly.


During the first quarter of 2022, you should consider creating digital marketing strategies to engage more traffic and boost sales. It would be a great idea to start with the above-mentioned top SEO trends. You can expand your audience by creating an informative, engaging, and relevant website.

Learn more about such SEO trends and read blogs on digital marketing here. You can also contact our team to set up your SEO campaign.

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