Web Page Structure – Importance of well-defined structure

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A web page structure is an important factor for website development and from an SEO point of view.

A better site structure helps a website to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

With the advancement of technology, programming language, and CMS, a development team can now build a functional and stunning website with clean layouts.

A few tips to create a clean layout website structure –

1. Planning a Hierarchy Level Structure

A website design company while starting a website project, can plan a design structure that not just looks good but is also SEO-friendly.

Along with SEO professionals, a website hierarchy is created. Such as navigations, call-to-action button placement, categories placements, image size, product placement, etc.

This hierarchy help enhance SEO. It helps users to find the required information quickly. Thus, increasing the User experience (UX/UI).

2. Create URL Structure that Follows Navigation Hierarchy

A well-defined URL structure is important in a clean website structure. It helps users to navigate in users friendly way.

3. Header Menu

A header menu is important in the site structure. Websites’ main pages should be in the header menu. A that uses CSS effectively offers a unique style and user experience. It also helps in easy navigation.

4. Content Layouts

Content layout structure is another important section of the website. It helps to show website information in a pattern and users can get this information easily.

Certain blocks, buttons, call-to-action helps users to navigate to a different webpage of a website. This helps to reduce the bounce rate of a website.

So, placing a section is an important part of web designing.

5. Internal Linking Structure

Interlinking is important, both from the user’s point of view and SEO. Interlinking helps users to navigate from one information to another. It helps to website session duration.

An interlink should not be broken. A broken link puts a negative effect on a website.

It is always helpful to make a structure of interlinking while planning website designing.

There are many SEO and user benefits to having a clean web page structure. So it is advised to plan it before website development.

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