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Link building techniques involve creating a quality link around your content on webpage or blogs posts.

There are different link building techniques or types and sometimes it is difficult to determine which link is beneficial.

For instance, a do-follow link is considered to be SEO beneficial as passes domain authority to the anchored domain than a no-follow link.

Same way, a redirect link is not bad for SEO, but implementing it in a right place is crucial. Or it might cause from loss of PageRank to loss of traffic

  • Traffic Generating Links
  • SERP Elevating Links
  • Page Rank Increasing Links
  • Reputation Building Links

Let’s discuss this link building techniques –

Traffic generating links are those links that do not directly benefit in increasing your rankings for specific keywords.

Then why is this type of link-building technique is important?

Well, these types of links are generally created on a high-traffic niche website with the aim of generating referral traffic.

These links could be any of the following – banner ads, text links, blog comments, forum posts, directories, social mentions, etc.

This type of link is generally “No-follow”.

To boost your search result ranking for exact keywords, it is important to get do-follow backlinks, especially from niche sites.

To leverage, use a keyword phrase or broad match words.

For example, if you want to rank for “blogging tips”, use phrases around this keyword.

There are various ways to get acquire elevating links such as – blog commenting on do-follow blogs, guest posting, author content, article marketing, forum signature, directory submissions, and more.

PageRank is an important Google algorithm, it tells Google about the importance of a webpage. It is introduced by Lary Page.

It is measured by how many times a webpage is referenced in links on other pages for a given query.

PageRank calculated between 0-10.

So, create a link whose PageRank value is close to 10 or greater than your website.

Reputation Management is another important aspect of digital marketing campaigns.

Here the brand name is promoted to show its result on the search engine result page.

Here, links anchored with your given name or business name as an anchor text. These links are not just directed to a particular website but also to your social profiles, other affiliations, and blogs as well.

It is done to show the information about your brand and what it does.

We can create reputation links in a large number of ways. It goes ahead of just making social profiles. Here are some ways you can create reputation links –

  • Add social profile to your website.
  • Blog commenting using your brand name as anchor text.
  • Creation of profile links using social media and website URLs.
  • Connecting social media profiles, with each other.
  • Adding up your social profiles to directories like the Twitter directory.
  • Incorporating your profiles in forum signatures, etc.


Every project has its own link-building requirement. So before implementing an SEO off-page campaign, it is important to know the marketing goal.

But this link building technique can surely help your SEO campaign.

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