Discover the Things Erroneous with Google Search in 2022

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Google search in 2022

Google is one of the biggest search engine, billions of search is done every day. But there are things erroneous with Google Search also.

In this article, we will discuss such points.

If you are a digital marketing professional then you might have a deeper understanding and knowledge of how the search engine works.

But most users are unaware of such search functionality details. But they intend to find the required information on the first page or even in the top 5.

According to an article published on, before searching, decide who says something and for what reason. You need to mull over the key purpose of a website and figure out why it is trying to come to your assistance. (Source)

Today there are many things erroneous with Google search in many crucial situations.

Let’s check some of the top points –

Google also has glitches just as all computer programs

Google is also a software just like any others, and it also has many glitches. Here are some errors we have listed –

  • Do you know that in early April 2019, the search engine giant did face a technical problem that led to web pages being de-indexed?
  • Again, later in April, technical problems led Google to choose irrelevant canonical URLs, which some of the times showed up in the breadcrumb path on mobile.
  • Again, in the month that followed, Google declared that the company is experiencing indexing problems that prevailed almost throughout the day. Though the problem seemed temporary, it was the key issue that prevented websites from being properly indexed in the SERPs, thus making such results less valuable than they were previously.

Therefore, even a technology giant like Google can have some inaccuracies and the company has not experienced so many issues in such a short period. The sequence of problems in the initial phase of 2019 indicates the problems are related to some bigger issues such as an infrastructure update.

In the month of July 2019, Google had to resolve a bug issue that led to search results not being completely render for a few users. Moreover, this lasted for several days. However, in the subsequent month, Google resolved another bug issue that stopped newly posted content from getting indexed once more.

Now of late in February 2020, Google had issues with Google Search Console as well as Google Tag Manager that led a couple of websites to get unconfirmed in Search Console. Then, these are issues, which the majority of Google users will fail to spot.

Privacy concerns

Now, this might have been hushed up 10 years before, now it is not a secret in 2022. Google makes use of your personal information on a periodic basis as well as uses that data for its profitability reasons. It sounds bad, but it is a reality today. The search engine giant keeps track of everything we look for online.

Google also claim that they don’t pass any sensative information to any third party and all data is saved within a secure data servers.

When it comes to search history, it has got notorious over time yet also generated billions of dollars as far as advertising revenues are concerned.

The figure was a whopping $135 billion in the year 2019. It means that Google as a business entity has enormous power and the most debatable facet of its business model, making it the fourth-riches corporation globally.

Then, with the development of Google products such as Google or Nest, matters related to the intrusion of user privacy are increasing by the day. Yes, Google uses all that user data to sell its products and make money. These are harsh facts, but a reality today that you cannot deny.

Google is never 100 percent correct

No search engines are 100 percent correct and Google is no exception to the rule. You need to admit this act because you know that sometimes, Google does not render accurate results, though correct most of the time.

While it does not require a particular name or company title to see the answer you are searching online, Google has the ability to connect the dots for visitors routinely when displaying some answer with an inadequate amount of info for several data-focused searches.

Again, more rough searches that are directed via precise details such as an individual’s name, could lead to a short, easy answer that frequently changes into a featured snippet. Many times, featured snippet results are accurate, or as a minimum or more often than not accurate.

There are a couple of times when the search results, or as a minimum, some sections of the answers are wrong, though. Let us explain this point with the help of a suitable example. Let us consider actor James Earl Jones and an honorary Oscar he got.

An easy search stating the two key entities in the search query Earl Jones as well as the Oscars renders numerous quality answers.

Then, Google also showed James Earl Jones is dead after a year-long fight with ovarian cancer. Now, that is an excerpt from Jones’s Wikipedia page, which is actually mentioning the demise of Cecilia Hart, his wife.

It is one of the errors related to Google search as the search engine picks extracted information as answers or parts of answers for specific questions. The problem is resolved, but it is a piece of incorrect information related to the individual in question. It definitely proves that Google is flawed sometimes.

Final thoughts

Though Google has some search errors, it is still one of the best search engines in the world as far as information is concerned.

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