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Social Media Optimization

Let you know that about 70% of your site traffic comes from search engines through organic search.

However, there is one influential way available that can create high traffic to your site, which is social media optimization. There are some important social media optimizing factors for your site.

1. Involve Keyword Rich Company Profile

Include your company profile which well explains your association to people in the introduction section of Google+, bio section of Twitter, and in the About section of Facebook and Pinterest.

Make sure that the profile involves your business-related keywords (avoid overstuffing). In fact, you can too link to your site which creates more inbound links to your site.

2. Utilize Business Name as URL

URL is the next vital ranking factor after your content. On Twitter, the Twitter handle is your URL while on Pinterest and Facebook you have to place your URL in your profile settings.

Since it will be easy for people to place you if you opt for your business name or some name that is closely related to your business. Also, ensure that your URL is always compatible.

3. Upload Engaging Content

The contents which you upload should force the social users to engage and also share them with others.

Many popular search engines consider the number of followers you have on your social networks as a ranking factor. You can also upload other engaging factors like videos, photos, infographics, etc, to create more consumers to engage.

4. Update with Fresh Content Regularly

However, it’s extremely important to update your social media site with new content frequently to recover your engaged spectators.

By uploading fresh content that is connected to your business’s present matters, moreover, you can attract both search engines and social users. However, you should not overdo the updating.

You can post 5-6 times a week on Facebook and 2-3 times per day on Google+ while Twitter needs more repeated updates.

By optimizing site with Social Media also improve social media site ranking and can arrive at your worth customers more proficiently.

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