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Mobile SEO quick tips and techniques to optimize your website that run in any version of mobile devices.

With the advancement of technology, users are using smart gadgets to access the web such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. 

Since then the marketing is also changing. With more people using mobile devices, search results also vary. So optimizing for mobile devices is a must-do thing for marketing professionals.

While developing a website, a mobile version has to be set carefully. It must be responsive and fast-loading for such versions. So, it is important to keep mobile SEO best practices in mind as we develop a website.

So here are some easy and quick mobile SEO tips to optimize – 

  1. Content Optimization
  2. Mobile Keywords
  3. Multi-OS
  4. Display Contact Detail
  5. Optimize Metadata
  6. Navigation
  7. Responsiveness
  8. Load Time

Let’s explore briefly – 

Content Optimization

Most people use mobile devices to get a quick solution to their queries. So content is a must. Having text on a website than video or images helps a website to load faster and rank higher in mobile versions.

Mobile Keywords

Most users search using two types of queries  – One is a long tail and another is a short tail. Most mobile users use shorter versions queries. So it is important to optimize for a broad search match.


We all use mobile devices of different brands. These different brands have versions of operating systems installed. Some use iOS and some android.

So, it is important to optimize your website that can fully function in any version and variations of these mobile operating systems.

Display Contact Details

Many users access mobile devices to quickly check the contact details of business places. So it is a good mobile SEO practice to display contact details clearly on a mobile version of a website.


While optimizing metadata for a desktop version of a website, it is important to consider the mobile version also. You need to set metadata length according to both versions.

Keep title up to 60 characters and for description keep it under 160 characters.

Page navigation is an important part of web page structure. For any version of the website, it is a best SEO practice to keep navigation simple, clean, and easily accessible. 

From a mobile SEO point of view, a proper navigation menu, buttons, and interlink should be set carefully.


Website responsiveness is an important factor in mobile SEO practice. For example, certain sections of the website for desktop version may not be suitable for a mobile version of a website.

So, it is important to plan a website that removes such sections but also looks attractive.

Load Time

This is an important ranking factor for any SEO strategy. If your website loads slowly on mobile or desktop then users will not likely stay until its full load.

This may increase the bounce rate of your website, which may result in low raking and more,

So it is important to maintain the load time of your website. So these are some of the best mobile SEO optimization techniques.

If you wish to know more about mobile SEO then you can contact us or you can hire our services to get a fully optimized website. 

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