Local SEO Tips – 5 Important Points for Your Business

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When it comes to local search results, the rules are always changing. So we created these Local SEO tips for you.

It is important to keep up with the latest algorithms and updates in order to keep your business at the top of search engine rankings.

So, what is most important NOW, when it comes to your search engine rankings?

There are still many local ranking factors that contribute to your standing.

Of those factors, one that holds the most weight is your on-page signals such as the presence of NAP, keywords in titles, and domain authority.

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How about local listings such as YP.com?

When it comes to paid listings such as YP.com, don’t avoid these listings. Calls or visits to your small business are what matters and such paid listings can only help increase these conversions.

What is the best way to surpass local competitors in search engine rankings?

There are many factors that can contribute to moving your business up in the rankings. If you don’t already have a good link profile, you should build upon that. However, you might need to improve your on-site SEO as well.

What if you don’t have a storefront location? How do you build your local rankings?

If you are more focused on a service area instead of having a storefront, you should shift your focus to organic SEO work instead of local searches. Google reserves the local searches for those with physical locations. If you operate in a large service area, you can optimize your pages for city names.

What can you do to build your local search ranking?

Reviews are very helpful, both on Google and on other websites. Also, local media mentions, check-ins, and citations can help make your business more credible.

There are many ways to improve your local listing ranking and it is important that you remain up-to-date with the latest improvements from Google.

When it comes to your Google listing, you want to ensure that you are on top so that you can improve your ROI. To learn more about how to improve your listing, contact us today.

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