Effectual Ecommerce SEO Tips: You Must Know

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Are you selling your products online? Then you have some effectual eCommerce SEO tips for you.

Good, now you have a website and it needs to show on the first page of search results. So it people can find your business.

This is where SEO comes into the game, optimizing your website will help to ranker higher in SERP. Here, SEO professionals can help to optimize your website. The more traffic you get more likely you’ll make conversions.

Setup efficient keywords

Finding the right keywords with high search volume is the key to ranking your product-based website.

Take the time to do in-depth keyword research for your e-commerce site to pick the keywords that suit your product baseline and brand.

Try using Long-tail, it gives a specific query and such keywords are more likely to get converted.

Using the mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords along with brand keywords can easily help you to find in SERP.

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Use strategic keywords in the anchor text

Using anchor text to increase your SEO efforts is a good solution.

As e-commerce stores are usually full of links pointing to your inner pages and you need to optimize anchors to maximize their potential. 

Ecommerce SEO experts make them look natural with anchors like ‘’here’’ but sometimes they also use strategic keywords to rank.

Obviously, they don’t use the same keywords for all your anchor texts in order to avoid spamming, they just include important keyword links in product descriptions that lead visitors to similar product pages that you want to push.

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Avoid duplicate content

Duplicate content is seriously an enemy for any website.

Ecommerce stores particularly meet this issue because product descriptions are often given by a seller- and are distributed across different websites. 

It resulted in the same product description. You must filter and category options to avoid duplicate content issues because those filters create different URLs with the same content.

Optimize product images and product descriptions

Like compelling product headlines, catchy product descriptions and high-quality images have a great impact on your conversion rate.

That’s why you should avoid using the seller’s product descriptions and should give alt attributes to images as Google Images search results can drive more traffic back to your site.

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Improve Usability

Make sure your store navigation is easy! The worse mistake would not offer a clear navigation path to users.

Do not forget to link to your product pages from your home page and relevant category pages. Good usability of pages will also help bots to crawl your website easily.

Tip – Avoid broken links to offer the best experience possible.

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