How to Write SEO Friendly Content for Your Website

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Here we will discuss how to Write SEO Friendly Content for your website that is optimized for search engine and users find it interesting.

When it comes to writing it requires skill to keep every reader engaged. In addition to great writing, blog or webpage structure plays an important role as well.

You can help your readers grasp the core concept of the content by giving catchy headings, subheadings, bullets, and clear paragraphs. 

If readers get interested in your content, they’re more likely to take an action such as share, click on CTA, or visit relevant content.

We have created a list of tips for SEO-friendly content for web pages and blogs –

Use Headings and Sub-headings

Search engine bots check headings and sub-headings for key topic points, users also check for the same.

Well-defined headings and sub-headings with optimized keywords have chances to get higher in ranking, it also gives a clear concept of the topics.

Making it more engaging and clear reading.

Add Links to Previous Posts

Linking is another factor in ranking a website. Both internal and external links matter. A relevant link is an important connection between the pages.

Linking helps to maintain session duration, and reduce bounce rates, among many other while external links can be given to data that supports your content.

Optimize the length of your post

Whenever you are posting on-site content make sure you post have at least 300+ words of content. The lengthy content which is more than 1500+ words considered as best, but such a post required well research.

We recommend writing shorter content that can focus on a particular topic.

In this way, you publish content continuously.

Optimize your Images

Images are an important part of any content strategy. Relevant images help users to process the topic more quickly. It also helps users to take the action based on the judgment of content and images.

Make the Content Shareable

So you’ve successfully written your SEO-friendly content, now what do you do?

The last step is to make it easy to share. Most companies add social media buttons at the end of the post so that people who enjoyed the content can easily share.

Tip – A rich informative content is always reshared by the readers.

We conclude with this top 5 points that tells about how to write SEO friendly content for your website. Additionally you can read – How to Win Content Arms Race

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