How to Optimize your eCommerce Store Product Pages

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Did you know eCommerce stores sales in the USA alone reached 409 billion dollars in 2021?

And are expected to grow to a whopping 1329.7 billion dollars by 2025. (Source)

When you check your sales funnel do you see you have visitors but less conversion?

You’re doing a great job to nurture visitors to your store, but you’re not getting enough visitors to add products to their carts.

Product pages should be convincing to let people add your best-selling products to their cars, but they don’t seem to be convincing them, and you’re not sure why not or how to fix it.

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Here are some to optimize your e-commerce website

Analyze your Every Product Page

Spend a few minutes to analyze important elements of your product page and identify the ones that need work.

As your goal is to provide a good experience to your buyers, you need to understand what your customers purchase while they are on any product page of your store.

  • Page loading speed
  • Clear and Crisp product page design
  • Sufficient information/description
  • Tell your customers about your brand

If any of these is not present, you need to consider optimization.

Use High Quality & Impressive Product Photos

You probably know how important it is to show your product using high-quality imagery. You may have even gone as far as to showcase it from multiple angles as well.

These are all great strategies to attract customers but also turn them away. Other leading eCommerce stores prefer using a white or light-colored background for their product photos.

Doing so can help you maintain consistency and emphasize your product.

Give a Clear Call-to-Action

Call to action (CTA) is an important factor to boost eCommerce conversions. Make sure that each product page has a clear call-to-action button.

If you want visitors to shop, you will need to convince them to buy. That’s why it’s important to have clear CTAs like ‘’add to cart’’ or ‘’buy now’’.

Optimize your Pages for Mobile

There’s no doubt that m-commerce is growing faster than e-commerce in general. As of 2022, a huge percentage of online shoppers in the USA purchase their essentials using mobile devices.

Your product pages should be optimized for mobile devices, if not you might lose traffic, sales, and revenue.

Increase Consumer’s Trust by Reviews and Ratings

Product ratings and reviews build trust and trust increases conversions. Customer reviews clear any doubts that your prospects might have about a product and help them to make an instant buying decision.

This is why it is very important to put social proof such as reviews with ratings on your eCommerce product pages.

Create Urgency

Leverage the power of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to convince customers they may lose a great opportunity in your eCommerce store.

One way of doing this is by announcing a limit-time sale. You can also do so by adding a countdown clock and a limited quantity popup.

This feature will give them a sense of urgency to order the product as they may end up losing a great deal if they don’t.

Final Thoughts!

It takes a lot of time and advertising efforts to drive targeted traffic to your online store.  But all of your marketing efforts will be a waste if you don’t optimize your product pages to boost conversions and revenue.

Ecommerce SEO Experts in the USA help you rank your eCommerce website on the first page of major search engines and drastically increase your sales.

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