Significance of Google My Business Listing for Business Owners

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Google My Business has been around since 2014.

Yet many business owners or service providers haven’t claimed their business listing on this popular platform.

In 2022, Google my business will be retiring and the Google My Business web platform will be transitioned to support large businesses with multiple locations.

In this post, we will explore the many reasons why setting up and managing your Google My Business page can help your business get noticed in the search results of Google.

Over the past few years, Google has offered different listings, from Google+ to Google Places and most recently Google My Business and Google Maps. The latter two have also become the most important for local search results.

If you are a business owner and have not yet created a Google My Business profile, you are currently missing out on a huge opportunity to stand out in search results, which means less online visibility and ultimately fewer customers.

What does Google My Business Account Look Like?

When you search on Google for any business with a Google My Business account, it will show up in the search results this way.

Some of the major advantages of having a Google My Business listing are:

  • It’s free to access and essentially gives you free advertising and exposure on Google. Why pay extra dollars to have one of your business ads show up on the front page of Google when you have an opportunity to show it in search results with no added expense?
  • You can show up in Google’s local results by taking advantage of Local SEO Services that appear above search results when you do a local search.
  • Your business will show in searches done utilizing Google Maps
  • You can earn customers’ trust after being a Google verified business.
  • Customers or Clients can see your reviews at a glance.
  • Your website has a chance of ranking higher in SERPs, leading to increased organic traffic and quality leads.
  • You will win from your top competitors who don’t have Google business listings.

GMB listings allow you to put necessary information about your services and provide searchers with important at-a-glance information, including phone numbers, websites, addresses, reviews, business descriptions, featured posts, upcoming events, photos, business hours, and more.

How to Setup your GMB Listing

Setting up your listing is pretty simple. Before starting, make sure you don’t already have a business listing. This can cause issues since Google frowns upon duplicate listings.

  1. Visit sign in from your official account and get started.
  2. Click the ‘’Manage Now’’ button on the right or middle of the page.
  3. Follow the steps to complete your setup.

Once you are done filling in all the information, you will have to verify your listing either through a phone call from Google or via postcard which will be sent to the address you provide in the GMB listing.

In both instances, you will receive a verification code, which you have to enter in your business listing. Once verified, you are good to go.

After verification is sure to check your information and update accordingly through the dashboard. You can also create posts for your services, which will show up on your business listing for seven days. This feature is useful for running a special, promoting an event, or blog posts.

Hopefully, this information helps you get your GMB listing quickly so you can start reaping the SEO benefits!

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