3 Tips on Creating an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Website

by Satish Singh

The most powerful tool that a small business has at their disposal is a website because it allows them to connect with the public in a unique and effective way. Most business owners think that simply putting up a website is enough to get them more customers, but it takes search engine optimization in order to get more people coming to your site. The most powerful search engines in the world are looking for things like quality content that is filled with relevant keywords and links from other reputable websites. In order to get your website SEO targeted, you will need to have a professional in the industry help you develop a plan of attack. Here are 3 tips how to create and effective SEO strategy for your website.

Know Your Target Audience

The first thing that you need to consider when trying to develop an adequate SEO strategy is who your target audience is. By knowing who you are targeting, you will be able to gear the strategy that you have towards them. This will help to make the marketing efforts that you are using more effective and allow it to reach the right people.

Building a Keyword List

When trying to develop a great SEO strategy, you need to also focus on the keywords that you will be using in the content that you are putting on the website. You want to make sure that the keywords that you are using are relevant to the type of business that you are in and that they are begin searched on a regular basis. Most SEO professionals will be able to use different analytic tools that will allow them to see what keywords are getting searched in relation to your type of business and provide you a Keyword Research Report.

Focus on Site Structure

Another very important part of any SEO strategy is making sure that the design and structure of your website is user and crawler friendly. The major search engines used crawlers to search your website for valuable and keyword rich content. In order to find the things they are looking for, the crawlers need a website that has solid internal links with no broken links. The easier that the valuable content on your site can be found, the better your ranking will be on the major search engines.

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As the owner of Exaalgia for over 10 years, Satish Singh has helped businesses achieve success through SEO, PPC and other Internet marketing efforts. He is currently Google Analytics and Google Adwords Certified, as well as a certified Woorank Expert. Satish strives to remain up to date with the latest developments in technology and helps his clients improve and maintain their search engine rankings.


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