Most Useful E-commerce Trends of 2022

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Do you run an eCommerce website? Then you should know these useful E-commerce trends which will improve your traffic and boost your sales.

Most of the established eCommerce platforms have also agreed that if startup eCommerce sites don’t upgrade themselves according to the latest Useful E-commerce Trends, then they will lack eCommerce growth.

In this post, we bring to you the Useful E-commerce Trends that will definitely help you to scale your eCommerce store business this year (2022).

Most Necessary Ecommerce Trends

1. Mobile-friendly website
2. High definition product images
3. Variety of product images
4. Brand identity
5. Customer service

Most Useful Ecommerce Trends in 2022

1. Use Chatbots & AI

Interacting with customers is one of the great ways to know what they need so that you can sell them the right product.

According to popular surveys, customers connect with companies that give them a good shopping experience.

In such a case, chatbots are the best solution because it comes under an automation process they are emerging a lot as an essential component in the future of online business.

What you can do?

You can install a live chatbot on your eCommerce store like ‘’’’ where you can sign up for free.

Installing a live chatbot on your site will welcome the visitor with a beautiful greet. This will also make goodwill for your brand in front of the user.

A live chatbot can handle a heavy load to interact with the customer directly and show them the right product & services.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

It will be a great experience for customers on your online shopping site if they can check how a product will look in its actual place.

AR technology can really help in bringing such an innovative feature to your site. As shown in the below picture, customers can actually check how a product will look in a particular place, just by using their smartphone.

What you can do?

According to the latest trends in eCommerce, store owners should definitely integrate the feature of AR for their customers.

If you want them to purchase a product. Where most of the other eCommerce sites are lacking this feature, you can stand out differently from competitors in the online market by adding Augmented Reality.

3. Optimize your Voice Search to Follow Customer Intent

With the invention of advanced voice search tools like Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, etc, the future of e-commerce trends is more tending towards voice search rather than typing and searching for any product or service online.

When searching your products on voice search, customers mostly use local language and expect relevant results for what they searched for and if your products are optimized with relevant keywords, then you can definitely get a click.

What you can do?

People mainly go for long search queries, while using the voice search features, therefore to optimize your product pages for voice search, you should ask eCommerce SEO services company to focus on long-tail keywords & phrases that are most likely to be searched by internet users.

For example- If you have a black leather sofa as a product, then instead of using a “black sofa’” as a keyword you can go for a “black leather sofa for drawing room”, “soft black leather sofa” or “black sofa with cushions”.

According to top e-commerce experts, voice search is evolving as one of the effective eCommerce trends and it can become an important factor for eCommerce success in the future.

4. Direct to Customer (D2C)

D2C is a method, where the middleman (wholesaler distributor, retailer) between the manufacturer and consumer gets excluded.

This has a lot of advantages like cutting off extra charges from the product, providing products at a cost-effective rate, avoiding any piracy on a product, etc.

People will definitely buy the product which costs them the least amount and this is possible today for you if you run your e-commerce business with the D2C model. Nowadays, e-commerce stores are offering a product at a lower rate than other websites, which are likely to get more sales. This 2022 e-commerce trend is going to be one of the emerging factors for eCommerce growth in 2022.

What you can do?

Opt for a D2C business model, where a middleman between manufacturer and consumer will not be present and your customer will get their product directly from the trusted manufacturer at a price that will be more affordable than other websites.

5. Customize your Products

It is always suggested to sell the exact product your customer wants, but why should customers search the whole online store for that one product. Customers will love a feature on your site where they can customize their own products the way they like.

Take help with the best Shopify Developers or Magento Developers to enjoy the advantages of this amazing 2022 eCommerce trend. You will also get data about what your customer likes so that you can target your customers by displaying similar products through online ads.

What you can do?

Add a feature on your website through eCommerce developers where customers can customize the color, size, pattern, etc, of the product so that they can get their needed product.

6. Try & Buy Feature

The advantage of the ‘Try and Buy’ feature is a bit similar to the ‘AR’ feature i.e customers can experience a product before buying it. In augmenting reality the customer gets a virtual preview of the product, whereas in ‘Try & Buy’ customers can physically try the product and decide whether to order it or not.

What you can do?

You should consider this aspect to maintain a good customer relationship.

You can include this feature as a paid option or a free option, but the point is you have to provide such a trendy feature.

7. Use Influencer Marketing

Your customer spends most of their time on social media. Gaining popularity among social channels becomes one of the most necessary factors to boost your eCommerce growth.

Creating brand awareness among your customers through these platforms is the most effective to gain your ground and stand among other top competitors.

As we know before like to buy preferred products and when it is referred by someone they admire they love to buy it for them. Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat) are placed ruled by non-celebrity bloggers, known as influencers, who hold a large number of followers. According to a recent survey, 20-30% of customers like to place an order recommended by an influencer.

What you can do?

Search for popular influencers, who have a good follower base that is more likely to buy the product you’re selling online.

You can approach him/her by email or social media and ask them to promote your product on their account where they can review or recommend your product.

Final Thoughts!

If you want to run a profitable online shopping site then following the latest eCommerce trends is very crucial for you.

Old trends are outdated and the future of e-commerce technology has arrived. Adopt all emerging e-commerce trends to run a trending online business.

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