What is SEO?

July 27, 2019 by Satish Singh

What is SEO?

by Satish Singh

SEO, search engine optimization is a process of improving the online visibility of your business in different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It consists of various strategies which help in ranking your websites above all your competitors and generating traffic on your website.

SEO is a continuous and ongoing process, other strategies like Google AdWords, Pay per click advertising might help you to get results overnight, but SEO can’t. SEO takes months to get the keyword ranked and increase traffic.

In our past years, we have been successfully able to generate good amount of traffic, leads and revenue for our clients through SEO.

What is SEO management?

SEO management can refer to your company or your agency’s management of your SEO strategy. As a part of SEO management, your team or agency develops, leads, and modifies your strategy to maximize your results and achieve your marketing, sales, and business goals.

A bunch of different strategies used to generate traffic is known as SEO management. Every SEO company has its own way of managing SEO. There is no hard and fast rule of following the defined process for SEO. Companies often customized their strategies in order to generate best ROI for their clients.

Usually businesses prefer to partner with local SEO Company for their digital need.

Now a day, digital marketing is preferred over traditional marketing and business opt to partner with the agencies that has good track record and background in SEO. They invest good portion of their marketing budget in SEO. A study revealed that 55% of company’s partners with an SEO agency for marketing.

It is very necessary to understand what SEO management is and how it should be handled. Whether you hire an agency or do it in house, your strategy needs to be effective in order to get results.


Steps for successful SEO management

If you hire an agency for managing your SEO, you should also understand how it actually works. SEO management needs to be strong in order to have strong SEO strategy.

Steps for successful SEO management:


The first and the foremost thing for SEO management is your target audience. You need to understand who is your target audience. You need to have depth knowledge of your target market, how it is doing, how they are doing, what is the latest update and how the market is fluctuating. You should have all the above answers before making an SEO strategy.

Research more and more about your target market and try the get answers of the below questions:

  • What are you offering to your target market?
  • Are your product and services being good enough to satisfy their requirements?
  • Who are your competitors? How they are performing?
  • What strategy your competitors are following?

Demands changes every day. You need to have updated strategy for SEO if you want to see results. A strategy used months ago might not be helpful in current scenario. Hence you need to understand the market on continues basis and plan your strategy accordingly.


Then second most important thing under SEO management is competitor analysis. Competitor analysis gives you a picture of how your competitors are doing in a market. What strategy they are following to attract their audience. Whether you hire an SEO agency or you decide to do it on your own, you should do a competitor analysis before making an SEO strategy. There are two types of competitor:

Direct competitors: These are the know competitors of your business. You might have a list of these competitors. You need to have a look at how they are doing in SEO.

Indirect competitors: These are the business you might not be aware of but appears in the search engine results. Say for an example: two or more businesses can use same keyword “local wholesale dealer”, they might be offering different products but the keyword they are using is common in the category of wholesalers. Hence, they will be considered as your indirect competitors.

While doing a competitor analysis, you need to consider both direct as well as indirect competitors. Many times, indirect competitors have strong strategy then direct competitors. Hence you need to carefully examine strategy of both.

While doing a competitor analysis, you should consider following points:

Keywords targeted

Target audience

Investment in SEO

Backlink profile

Strategies followed


SEO agency like Exaalgia can help you in developing an effective SEO strategy. We will give you a strong competitor analysis for both types of competitors. Many businesses try to develop an SEO strategy in-house so that they do not need to invest on outside agency. But many times, in-house marketing team fails to develop strong strategy due to lack of knowledge and experience in digital marketing and this are where agency like Exaalgia can help.


After market and competitor analysis, website optimization is the next step. Once you have studied about your target market and competitors, you need to focus now website optimization. This is a bit of difficult process as lots of technical things are involved.

You can manage the perform market and competitor analysis in house but for the website optimization you need a technical person. Agency like Exaalgia can help you with here. We help you in optimizing your website to get better SEO results.

Following factors plays an important role to while optimizing your website.

  • Title tag:A title tag is the tile of your website’s page which appears in the search results. Your title tag should use the keyword you are targeting. It should be short and catchy to grab the attention of the users and encourage them to click and visit your website.
  • Meta description:A Meta description refers to the description of your page. It is a short introduction of your title tag. Meta description should also have keywords in it as it also appears in the search results along with the title tag.
  • Headings:Heading of your websites play very important role as it is the first thing that visitors see. Usage of keywords in the heading is a good practice from SEO point of view. Heading should be catchy, short and to the point.
  • Images:Images makes page more attractive and readable. A page without image is usually unable to engage the visitor for a long time. If your page consists of images, charts, graphs, a visitor stays on a page for long. The file name and alt text of an image should use keywords in the description.
  • Content:Your website should have an updated and relevant content on it. It should be able to provide all necessary information that a visitor might looking for. Proper usage of keywords in the website contents helps in SEO. You should avoid keyword stuffing while generating content for your website.


Written documents plays very important role in SEO. SEO is all about data. Through all the above analysis, you can easily measure how your strategy is doing. You can modify it according to the requirement. You can also see the areas of improvement for your next SEO strategy.

An SEO agency, like Exaalgia, we provide you with the monthly work done reports in order for you to have records of what work has been done and what is the progress has been done so far. You can compare the results on monthly basis to be sure that you have instead at a right place. We also provide bi-weekly reports if clients demand for it.

Following factors need to be consider while analysing the monthly report.

  • Rankings
  • Organic traffic
  • Conversions
  • Backlinks

Tools like Google AnalyticsGoogle Search Console, and Ahrefs can be used to monitor your progress.

Reporting is a last but very important part of an SEO management. Whether you do it in-house or hire an agency, reporting can help in improving your SEO strategy and filing the lope holes if any.

Simplify your SEO management

Want to hire a company for SEO management?

We are here to help. We are a team of digital marketing experts. Check out our SEO services now!



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As the owner of Exaalgia for over 10 years, Satish Singh has helped businesses achieve success through SEO, PPC and other Internet marketing efforts. He is currently Google Analytics and Google Adwords Certified, as well as a certified Woorank Expert. Satish strives to remain up to date with the latest developments in technology and helps his clients improve and maintain their search engine rankings.


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